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Learning a Musical Instrument

Learning an Instrument at GEIS At G.E.I.S. tuition is available from our qualified experienced tutors in piano, keyboard, clarinet, saxophone, drums, acoustic, electric & bass guitar.

WHEN? Individual lessons are 1/2 hour once a week taught during school hours.

HOW MUCH? $35.00 per lesson. $17.00 for small group lessons available in guitar

WHAT DO I NEED? An instrument at home to practise on. Hiring gives immediate access to quality instruments. KBB Music Newmarket Ph: 630 2577 Atwaters Music Works Ph: 303 1919

If your child would like to learn an instrument at school this year, you can register_ here. Information about the instruments available and costs are available on the form.


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What’s on at GEIS

  • 26 / Feb
    Boys Tag Trials - 1.00pm (Tag shorts & boots)
    Monday, 26th February
  • 26 / Feb
    Boys softball training 7.30am
    Monday, 26th February
  • 27 / Feb
    Boys softball training 7.30am
    Tuesday, 27th February
  • 28 / Feb
    Girls Tag Trials - 7.15am
    Wednesday, 28th February
  • 29 / Feb
    Girls Tag Trials - 7.15am
    Thursday, 29th February

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Hiring School Facilities

Facilities available at GEIS

Looking for a space to hire for your community event? Our school has some superb facilities available for hire.

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