GEIS offers an engaging environment full of opportunities and choice. Students are encouraged to involve themselves in a wide range of activities. They have opportunity to develop their skills and abilities in a varied and exciting range of sporting, recreational, cultural and service endeavours.


Cactus is our school's daily television show which screens live to all classes at the start of each school day. A team of about 100 students, prepare the daily notices, and video clips of current school events. Students have the opportunity to take on a variety of roles including Vision Mixer, Sound, Music, Video Clips, Teleprompt, Cameras, Floor Manager, Hosting or Team Leader. Cactus is a lot of fun, and develops a wide range of life-skills for those students who get involved.


The Glen Eden Intermediate enviro team is made up of students and teachers who are passionate about the environment. They work hard to ensure where possible waste is recycled, creating ads for the school TV station encouraging students and teachers to recycle. They maintain worm farms and a paper and plastic recycling system. Along with keeping the school's waste sorted there are gardens where students and teachers grow vegetables to cook with in the Food Technology room. Students and staff are also passionate about an area known as the bird walk where students can play amongst the trees or sit and observe nature. The school works with a group called “Paper for Trees”, which rewards the school for the paper and cardboard collected to be recycled with a donation of trees.The students plant these trees in the bird walk area and in other places around the school.


The Glen Eden Pasifika group are under the guidance of expert tutors Becks Va'ai and Mainz Tupa’i, who are are the directors of Saintz Up Performing Arts. We offer an open invitation to all the students of GEIS who want to learn traditional Pasifika songs, dances and understand the cultural relevance of different types of movement, music and more importantly our cultural practices.  

Successful learning for our Pasifika students is founded in their languages, cultures and values. 

We believe that the sharing of our Pasifika cultures with everyone in our school will build strong relationships amongst our children, staff and community of GEIS.


"A fia vave o lou va'a, alo na o'oe,

ae a fia tuli mamao le taunu'uga tatou alo'alo faatasi."


If you want to go fast, go alone.  

If you want to go further, go together.


Ko te reo te mauri o te mana Māori, Tihei mauri ora, Here at Glen Eden Intermediate school all students and staff are encouraged to foster a passion for  Te Reo Māori and Māori Traditions.  This is done by each student been formally taught Māori in Year 7 and Year 8 from simple sentence structures, questions and everyday vocabulary.  Te Reo Māori is also promoted on our school TV programme Cactus, where teachers and students present “Te Kupu o te Wiki” throughout the year.  As a school we greet new whanau and manuhiri with a Pōwhiri giving our students an authentic experience of Te Ao Māori.


We also have a Kapa Haka group where all students get the opportunity to learn waiata, haka, karanga, karakia, simple tikanga and perform at various events. He tangata takahi manuhiri, he marae puehu.


Performing Arts offered at GEIS  develop students’ confidence and self-esteem. The Arts build tolerance by providing exposure to a broader, more diverse world, therefore offering students the opportunity to recognise what other people are thinking or feeling. Students gain invaluable skills from public performance, specifically those of projecting a personal style to an audience. Building these social and communication skills impacts all other learning.  This is engagement at very sophisticated level, encapsulating student agency across other curriculum areas.

Concert Band: This for students who can play a musical instrument, and are keen to work with other like-minded students who love to make music as a group. They have weekly sessions with the music teacher.

Rock Bands: There is a Year 7 and Year 8 rock band for which students audition at the start of each year. Students need to be learning guitar, bass,  drums, or keys to join this group. There are around 10 students in each rock band along with the vocalists, and they work once a week  with a tutor.


Ukulele Group: For all those ukulele players who want to improve and learn more skills, this group prepares them for the ukulele festival each year.

Choir: (every odd year): This is for anyone who loves to sing and wants to improve in a range of genres and styles.

Production: (every even year): A musical  for those who love to act, sing and are not afraid to move. Production helps build social skills as well as confidence.


Mini production: (every odd year): A drama that students co-construct with the teacher and then perform.

Indian Cultural Group: Students recreate contemporary Indian dance and join together to celebrate their culture.

Dance: Students collaborate to create sequences of movements and choreograph their own dances.


At GEIS we believe leadership is an important quality to have as a person and therefore value leadership by providing many opportunities for students to be leaders across the school. Examples of leadership opportunities offered at GEIS are our student council  leadership team which consists of head boy, head girl, deputy heads as two councillors from each class, Sports leaders,  PB4L student leaders, Teo Reo and Cultural leaders.


These leadership opportunities enable student agency and allow our students to develop leadership qualities to take forward into the future. 


The GEIS Gladiators motto is:

"The strength of the TEAM is each individual. The strength of each individual is the TEAM." (Phil Jackson)

Our vision for sport at Glen Eden Intermediate is to encourage as many of our students as possible to actively take part in sporting activities. We have around 400 students involved with sport at varying levels in over 50 sporting teams throughout the year, and we boast a stunning list of elite achievements for both individuals and teams.

We encourage our students to participate in our sporting activities because of the benefits both physically and mentally.  Our programme encourages students to make new friends, to play sport for participation or competitiveness, learn new skills, stay fit and healthy and so much more. We remind our students to not be afraid of hard work, show commitment to their studies, team and trainings, set some goals and dream big. They must always remind to ask themselves "What do I bring to the team" this is what makes each student unique.

Our success at Glen Eden, is because of the opportunities our school offers students, the commitment from the students to our programme and more importantly the support of our staff, parents, caregivers and community.


Year 7 students participate in an EOTC week and Year 8 students are involved in an outdoor education camp experience. The focus of these programmes in the promoton of skills such as team work, communication, trust, problem solving, leadership and responsibility. 


Glen Eden Intermediate School offers overseas experiences to Japan, Korea and Thailand. We visit these countries every two years where the students get to immerse themselves in the culture and school life and make connections outside of New Zealand.   


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