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Glen Eden Intermediate School (GEIS) is a large Intermediate School catering for the emerging adolescent student. GEIS is recognised as a leading Intermediate School in New Zealand, with a strong focus on fostering a love of learning, hence our vision “to be a dream school where everybody loves to learn”. 

We strive to create a valued learning community of students, staff and parents who can nurture positive relationships. GEIS promotes excellence by encouraging students to set goals, become independent learners and develop an awareness of how they learn best....

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The GEIS Way

Glen Eden Intermediate School is governed by the GEIS Way. Board, staff and students adhere to our school’s core vision and values..........

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International Students

Glen Eden Intermediate School is renowned as one of the best Intermediate Schools in New Zealand, catering for Year 7/8 boys and girls aged between 11 and 13 years....

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Out of School Care

Do you need care for your child after school? Would you like someone to help them with their homework ? Do you think your child would like to participate in organised art?....

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Students at GEIS have the opportunity to broaden their educational experiences through the use of the following facilities.....

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